Ola E-Bike Service: Fare is Only ₹5 per KM, Major Announcement for Delhi & Hyderabad

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Ola E-Bike Service

Ola E-Bike Service: Ride-hailing platform Ola has launched e-bike service s in Delhi and Hyderabad. The company has also announced the price for e-bike services. As per the official statement, ola bike fares start from ₹25 for 5 km ₹50 for 10 km and ₹75 for 15 km.

There is a relief news for people using cab services to travel in the city. Because, now you will have to pay less for the ride. Ola has announced to start its e-bike service. After the success of this service in Bengaluru now there are preparation to start this service in Delhi and Hyderabad also.

Ola unvealed e-bike service in Delhi and Hyderabad under its ride hailing platform. The company said that if this project is successful than the fleet of e bike services will be expanded. The most special thing about ola e bike service is its low fare. E- bike will prove to be more economical for people travelling by petrol bike as it will save them a lot of money.

The fare for ola e bike service in Delhi and Hyderabad has been kept very low. It is Rs.25 for the first 5 km Rs.50 for first 10 km and Rs.75 for first 15 km. If this fare is calculated then it comes to rupees 5 per km. Ola saif that e-bike service will be the most economical sustainable and convenient service for transportation within cities.

The company also plan to deploy 10000 E-bikes in Delhi and Hyderabad in next 2 months. Hemant Bakshi, CEO of Ola mobility, said, “This service of Ola is in line with our vision to serve 1 billion Indians through electric vehicles.”

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