11 Best Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress

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Are you’re tired of getting the same support queries over and over and looking for a knowledge base plugin for WordPress?

Knowledge Base Plugins

A knowledge base plugin lets you easily publish documentation, tutorials, and how-to articles. You can efficiently organize these resources while keeping them apart from your blog and landing pages.

In this article, we’ll list out some of the best knowledge base plugins for WordPress that you can use.

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What to Look for in a Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin?

Whether you run an online store or sell services on your WordPress website, having a knowledge base section allows you to help your customers without opening a support ticket or live chat window.

This boosts customer satisfaction while reducing customer support requests. Customer happiness helps you bring more business and sell more products.

Normally, you can publish your support guides as individual pages in WordPress. You can also publish them as posts and organize them with categories and tags.

However, it is difficult to keep support pages separate from sales pages or blog posts.

A knowledge base plugin allows you to keep your how-to resources separate and organize them more efficiently.

Without further delay, let’s look at the best knowledge base plugins for WordPress.

1. Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base Theme
Heroic KB Plugin

Heroic KB plugin is an easy-to-use WordPress knowledge base plugin that’s extremely powerful and fully featured.

  • Instant AJAX search-It allows you to add a searchable knowledge base to your existing site, so your visitors can easily find answers to their questions. It comes with a lightning-fast AJAX search feature, which adds real-time answers(as soon as visitor start typing, they will start seeing results).
  • Widgets-You get all the features you’d expect from a powerful knowledge base plugin, such as content categorization, drag & drop content ordering, article attachments, display widgets, and more.
  • Built-in analytics-The best part about the plugin is its built-in analytics and user feedback feature that lets you collect insights to improve your existing documentation, so you can reduce support, save time, and grow sales.

2. BetterDocs

BetterDocs Knowledge Base Plugin

BetterDocs is a powerful WordPress knowledge base plugin that is both easy to use and comprehensive.

Some of the most useful features are:

  • Ajax live search to help people quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • Automatic table of contents to help people navigate each help doc.
  • Multiple template options for the page that lists all of your knowledge base articles.
  • Analytics integrations to help you track which pages get the most views.
  • Drag-and-drop ordering to easily categorize all of your help articles.
  • Customization options via real-time customizer.
  • Custom sidebar that lets you list articles in an accordion slideout.

3. Echo Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Plugins
Knowledge Base Plugins

Echo Knowledge Base is one of the best knowledge base plugins for WordPress. It comes with an easy setup wizard that walks you through plugin settings. You also get multiple layouts to choose from with options to customize every aspect.

You can choose from Basic, Tabs, or Category focused layouts. Each layout has a fast search bar on the top, which helps users quickly find answers. You can further organize articles in categories and tags.

The plugin also comes with hundreds of icons that you can use. It also includes shortcodes and templates to create FAQ sections and display knowledge base articles across your website.

4. weDocs

weDocs Plugin
weDocs Plugin

weDocs is another excellent WordPress knowledge base and documentation plugin. It is easy to use and allows you to sort your documentation pages into sections, hierarchical docs, and tags.

It has a simpler interface to manage all your docs from one screen. The plugin does not include additional templates but works well with all popular WordPress themes.

The knowledge base layout is simple but efficient with sidebar navigation and bread crumbs menu.

5. Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki

Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki Plugin
Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki Plugin

Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki plugin is a flexible WordPress knowledge base plugin that allows you to organize your documents in a glossary format. You can organize your docs and articles alphabetically or by category and tags.

It includes a simple template to list all glossary items. You can add a search widget, enable comments for individual articles, and add a filtered index to sort items by alphabet.

The plugin provides an excellent option to organize your support pages in a glossary or encyclopedia style. It supports WPML and can be used on multilingual websites.

6. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch Plugin
HelpCrunch Plugin

HelpCrunch is a fantastic option to create a knowledge base section in WordPress. The plugin offers several other features, including live chat, chatbot, email automation, and more.

You can organize your knowledge base articles by categories and tags. The plugin lets you fully customize the look of your knowledge base by choosing colors, adding background, etc.

It automatically drafts knowledgebase pages, which you can edit and publish on your site. And you can also add a chat widget to offer real-time support to your customers.

7. BasePress

BasePress Plugin
BasePress Plugin

BasePress is a useful WordPress knowledge base and documentation management plugin. It allows you to easily build support pages and documents section for your products or services.

It comes with three templates to choose from with an advanced instant search bar that helps users quickly find the answers. You can organize articles in sections, categories, and tags with an easy drag and drop interface to reorder articles.

You can add an image and description for each section which creates a very neat index page for users to browse. The plugin also provides easy customization options to control the appearance of your article pages.

Other useful features in the free version include:

  • Instant live search bar
  • Related articles
  • Dedicated widgets to display knowledge base content
  • Three different knowledge base themes

If you want more features, the premium version also adds:

  • More advanced search
  • Article voting for visitors to mark articles as helpful (or not)
  • Option to show the most popular articles based on votes or visits
  • Automatic table of contents
  • Knowledge base stats
  • Multisite support

8. KB Support

KB Support Plugin
KB Support Plugin

KB Support is a WordPress support and knowledge base plugin that is easy to use and extend. The plugin comes with a ticket management system and knowledge base platform to offer a complete support system that runs on your WordPress website.

You can easily add articles to your knowledge base section and sort them into categories and tags. After that, there is a simple shortcode that you can add to a WordPress page to display your knowledge base articles.

Customers can then submit a ticket when they cannot find an answer. This ticket appears on your WordPress dashboard, and you can reply to the user directly. There are paid add-ons to extend the plugin’s functionality, like the ability to send emails, WooCommerce integration, canned replies, and more.

9. Very Simple Knowledge Base

VS Knowledge Base Plugin
VS Knowledge Base Plugin

Very Simple Knowledge Base is a simple and minimalist knowledge base plugin for WordPress.

It allows you to use your existing posts for knowledge base articles and display them with a shortcode. It then displays the items sorted by categories, and you can choose multi-column layouts to show more categories and articles.

The plugin works with any custom post type, including products or events. It offers flexibility but does not include any of the features you may find in other knowledge base plugins on this list. The plugin also does not offer an option to easily keep your regular blog posts separate from knowledge base articles.

10. Halpie

Halpie Plugin
Halpie Plugin

Helpie is a new advanced WordPress Knowledge Base Builder plugin. It comes with many features that can help you create product documentation, a public/private knowledge base, or even a wiki website.

Some of the features that you’ll get access to include:

  • It has an unrivaled search with partial matching, keyword-weighted sorting of results. And yes, it also has live ajax search. It was tested with over 1,000 articles and is blazing fast
  • Automatic Table of Contents + many other sub-features and options for the Table of Contents.
  • Branding, Styling and Layout options for all the Knowledge Base templates
  • It shows you advanced insights into your articles and users
  • It has two powerful User Access control features. You can either control access to specific by user roles or by using password protection.
  • It has two voting systems: Classic voting and emo-voting.
  • It has front-end editing. You can also choose which user roles get access to front-end editing.

11. MinervaKB

Minerva KB Plugin
MinervaKB Plugin

MinervaKB is a premium WordPress knowledge base plugin.Some of the features you get with minervaKB:

  • Instant live search with seven different themes
  • Dedicated Gutenberg blocks for the new editor
  • Automatic table of contents generator
  • Option to restrict access to some/all of your knowledge base
  • Dedicated FAQ module to create FAQ sections
  • Like/dislike button to see how helpful your articles are
  • Search analytics to track what people are looking for, along with a Google Analytics integration
  • Option to enable/disable comments on help articles
  • Estimated reading time
  • Related article display
  • Glossary tooltips
  • Drag-and-drop reordering of knowledge base articles/topics


Which Knowledge Base Plugin Should You Pick?

I think Heroic Knowledge Base offers the absolute best functionality…you’re just going to pay for it. The second spot is for Helpie.

Knowledge Base from PressApps offers a nice mid-range solution that balances price with functionality.

And finally, if you need something free, my recommendation would be to choose between DW Knowledge Base and WP Knowledgebase.

Now over to you – have you used any of these plugins? Which was your favorite?

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