iOS 16 Update…How to Fix Your iPhone’s Performance Issues After iOS 16 Update

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Santosh Sharma- 02 ,October 2022

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Apple released its final iOS 16. The latest update have a lot of front-facing features like the redesigned Lock Screen with many of customization options and an uplifted Messages app. Other than this, there are numerous other features that you should check out. Since the update is in its initial phase, there are bound to be bugs and performance issues. If you are experiencing performance-related issues on your iPhone after updating to iOS 16, you can fix them through various remedies. Scroll down to read more details on how you can enhance the performance of your iPhone after updating to iOS 16.

How to Easily Fix Performance Issues on Your iPhone After Updating to iOS 16

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To fix performance issues on iPhone after the iOS 16 update, you first have to check if a new update is available. Apple typically releases an update after it discovers a performance-threatening bug. The update will clear any bug that has an impact on the performance. To check for updates, head over to Settings > General > Software Update.

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Update App to The Latest Version

Sometimes, an app is responsible for killing the performance on your iPhone, Moreover, these apps can also have a dire impact on the battery life. What you have to do is update the apps to the latest version to clear any error or issue that is affecting your iPhone’s system. You can update your iPhone apps from the App Store.

Restart Your iPhone to Clear Errors

After you have installed iOS 16 on your iPhone, there could be some errors resting in the system. Henceforth, one of the most prominent solutions is to restart your iPhone. Rebooting your iPhone would clear the aforementioned errors and start anew.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Apps are constantly fetching data from servers to offer you the best experience. Even if your iPhone is resting idle, you will notice that it gets hot at times. This is because apps are constantly being refreshed in the background in search of the latest update. You can simply turn off Background App Refresh to improve performance as well as battery life. To turn it off, head over to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn Off Background App Refresh.

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Delete Unwanted Data

iPhones tend to slow down or show signs of decline in performance when there is little storage space available. This is because the system has very little room to operate and handles a lot of data at the same time. Henceforth, the less data there is on your iPhone, the better in terms of performance. This is an easy way to fix performance issues on your iPhone after updating to iOS 16. To clear iPhone storage, head over to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Reset All Settings

Sometimes performance issues arise due to errors in the system settings. Since you will not be able to point out what settings are the reason for the performance issue, you can reset all settings. Gladly, Apple offers the option to rest everything. All you have to do is navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings.

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Restore Your iPhone

If none of these fixes are working out, you can simply restore your iPhone. Take note that this will delete all data and settings on your iPhone. It will revert your iPhone to factory settings, and everything would return to normal. Be sure to create a backup of your data before you Restore your iPhone. Navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings and follow the on-screen instructions.

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