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Whether you are building a gaming computer, or looking for a video editing and streaming PC, getting the component right is very crucial. Also upgrading your computer in future is very important as there is everchanging advancements in technology. So choosing the right set of motherboard, PSU and cabinet make a lot of difference. If you are new to building desktop computer is highly recommended to do through research before you start building your computer.

1. PC-Builder by CGDirector Custom PC Builder

If you are building a computer for work, then this is your best destination to pick parts for your computer. All you need to do is specify the main purpose and your budget, you get a PC build according to your budget and right for your purpose..

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The website also lets you know if there are any compatibility issue in your build and the total estimated wattage consumed by the computer under normal load. This can give you an idea of the room to upgrade the PC component in future and the best power supply to choose for your desktop.

2. PCPartPicker Custom PC Builder

This site has a system builder where you can make a costume PC on your own with compatibility warning and PSU requirements. You can also browse their completed build section to look for computer builds that other peoples have made including the picture of their setup.

Their build guides section can also help you in case you get stuck building your own computer. You can create a profile to leave comments on other people builds or the build guides.

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The website is also good for browsing all the products that are available to build your computer.

3. Logical Increments Custom PC Builder

Logical Increments helps you chose parts for your PC with step wise build under different budgets. They can be costume builds according to you requirement. Hence they are good for any purpose including gaming, video editing, photo editing etc.

This site also suggest different upgrade options in each tier. You can also find different build guides on the site which can help you build a more specific purpose computer, such as a home theater computer, 3D rendering & animation PC etc.

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DO also check out their PC Build Video, that can help you understand the requirement of your favorite game and build a computer accordingly.

4. EnvyBits Custom PC Builder

This site aims at providing fair value and honest result to anyone wanting a computer. This site not only suggest you a desktop computer build under your budget, but it can also suggest you a PC upgrade path for your current build.

This site also have a game planner which allow you to make a customized build for your favorite games.

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5. Ant-PC Custom PC Builder

Ant PC specializes in building High-Performance custom workstation computers, Gaming PCs and Servers. This site helps you build your custom PC and test product on various benchmark to remove limitations or bottlenecks while being used.

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I will suggest to go for logical increment as I find it most suitable for custom build.

We hope that these website will be helpful when it comes to building your own desktop computer. There are many Youtube videos that can guide you step by step on how to build a PC yourself.

Do take advantage of these sites mentioned above and build yourself a dream desktop setup that you always wanted.

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