5G Services have been launched. How it will benefit India

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By Shraddha I October 02, 2022

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Prime minister Narendra Modi have launched 5G service in Delhi. 5G technology has been in the news for as long as you can remember. It is the fifth generation of cellular technology. It is designed to increase speed, reduce latency, and improve flexibility of wireless services.

While the hype around the fifth generation of the mobile network is massive, it’d be hard to know what the technology has for us in-store, considering its current situation. We know 5G is the next leap, but how will India benefit from it?

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What is 5G

5G technology has a theoretical peak speed of 20 Gbps, while the peak speed of 4G is only 1 Gbps. So it will definitely change the way people communicate as 5G also promises lower latency, which can improve the performance of business application as well as other digital experiences (such as online gaming, videoconferencing, and self-driving cars). 

While earlier generations of cellular technology (such as 4G LTE) focused on ensuring connectivity, 5G takes connectivity to the next level by delivering connected experiences from the cloud to clients automation.

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How will India benefit from 5G?

5G comes with a plethora of potential applications that can hugely benefit users in India. Apart from high-speed surfing and better connectivity, the new technology can enhance the accessibility of services like healthcare and mobile banking, and bring new opportunities for underemployed or unemployed people in the country.

Not just that, with the advent of 5G, we can witness existing cities transforming into smart cities. It could also empower citizens and businesses to grow immensely. In the future, 5G could also enable citizens to take advantage of socio-economic benefits thanks to an advanced digital economy. Let’s understand what other benefits 5G will bring to India.

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5G networks will come in handy for medical practitioners in performing advanced medical procedures remotely, thanks to seamless connectivity. Doctors will be able to connect with patients regardless of their location and also enable surgeons to perform remote surgeries. 5G technology will enable patients to be monitored via connected devices that constantly deliver data on key health indicators, such as heart rate and blood pressure. Smart medical devices such as wearables can quickly share a patient’s condition in case of an emergency.

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Internet of Things(IOT)

The new technology will also upgrade the Internet of things (IoT). Advanced 5G routers will be able to bridge a 5G wireless network for smart devices and appliances in a household. It could also prove very helpful in remote monitoring, smart agriculture, industrial automation, and telehealth areas. With the help of smart RFID sensors and GPS, farmers can track and manage livestock.

In the auto industry, 5G combined with ML-driven algorithms will provide information on traffic, accidents, and more; vehicles will be able to share information with other vehicles and entities on roadways, such as traffic lights. These are just two industry applications of 5G technology that can enable better, safer experiences for users.

5G Hurdles In India

While 5G connectivity promises to curb issues, there are several hiccups its rollout could face in India. First and foremost are the finance liabilities; switching from 4G to 5G could come at a high cost for consumers. Besides, the lack of funds and huge debts of telecom operators are adding to the delay. Besides, India is already late in adopting the new technology, meaning the revenue generated from the service might not be as expected. Moreover, the rollout of 5G won’t bridge the digital divide in urban and rural parts of the country.  The current networks in the country are plagued by call drops and data interruptions, making it further difficult to bring a new network for the users. It makes it imperative for India to fix existing 4G networks before deploying 5G services.  So, to make widespread adoption of 5G in India possible, the technology must become financially viable for the consumers and the network carriers.

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